How to Find a Raccoon Den?

What does a raccoon den look like? And where can you find them? Join us for our deep dive on raccoon habitats!

Do Raccoons Wash Their Food?

Raccoons are often seen washing their food, but what is the real story behind this strange behavior. It's not what you think! Click to learn more!

Image of a rat

Cool Facts About Rats

Having black rats in your home can be a scary thing. Rats are fascinating creatures that are generally maligned because they contaminate food and spread disease.

Image of a rat

Different Types of Rats

The most common types of wild rats in North America

Image of a rat

Characteristics of a Rat

A rat is one of the most common rodent types

Image of a rat

How Big Can Rats Grow?

The largest rats ever discovered include: A Gambian Pouched Rat.

Image of a rat

How to Prevent Rats in the Garden

Rats have always been a common problem among many homeowners

Image of rats

What Do Mice and Rats Look Like?

If you’ve noticed some droppings, shredded paper, missing food, and

Image of a rat

Rat Eyesight

Nature has given all animals the physical assets they need

Image of rats

Animals That Eat Rats

An interesting fact about rodents is that you are never

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