Rat Proofing your Home

Identifying a rodent issue can be troubling, so it's important to do all that you can to attempt to resolve the problem quickly. The best approach to stop rats is to deny them access to food, water, and shelter. In contrast to mice, rats need access to a water source. They just ingest somewhere in the range of 15ml and 60ml of water a day; however, they need it often. They're famous for eating pretty much anything, yet rats like to eat modest quantities of a wide assortment of foods, giving them an extremely broad appetite.

rat proofing in pittsburgh
Surefire ways to rat proof your Pittsburgh home

Expert Rat Control Service

If you’ve seen indications of rodents, it might mean you have a more serious infestation. At AAAC Wildlife Removal, we have a solid rat control program, so we can help dispose of rodents from your premises quickly and safely.

Rodent Prevention Top Tips

  • Keep groceries in metal or glass containers with tight-fitting tops.
    Tidy inside the house and around the nursery – less mess implies fewer places to cover up.
  • Put outside trash bags in metal canisters with safely fitted tops to prevent them from eating the waste inside.
  • Clean up pet food and birdseed refuse, and store pet food in thick containers with fitted tops – ideally above ground level.
  • Keep gardens empty of trash and refuse.
  • If you have a compost heap, exclude natural food waste, as this will attract rodents.

Look for signs of rodents like droppings. If you find them, call a professional quickly to stop a bigger invasion.

Preventing Rats

Rodents are deft, adaptable, and can easily get inside your home. Rats are great climbers and will happily live in your attic.

Other rats like to make holes and tunnels, especially close to or underneath strong structures like sheds, carports, and dividers.

They are extremely proficient at swimming in sewers, capitalizing on any deteriorated pipework.

Rodent Proofing your Home or Business


Young rodents can get through gaps under doors, so fit strips to the lower part of doorway to impede them.

Gaps in outside walls

Holes or little openings (around utility ports or line work) should be loaded up with hardened steel wire fleece and caulking or cement.

Steel or aluminum plating can be utilized. Rodents can jump, so check for entry points up to 4 feet in off the ground.


Rats move along electrical cables or use overhanging branches to get into tight spaces and storage rooms through holes in broken rooftop tiles or under the overhang.

Fix rooftop holes and use wire and mesh to seal holes.

Drains, sewer pipes and so on

Rats can swim up damaged sewer pipes as well as get around u-bends in bathrooms, so start keeping toilet seat covers shut. They will likewise utilize water lines.

Utilize firm fitting metal meshes or screens to cover channels, particularly in storm cellar regions. Routinely check pipework and guarantee any breakage is fixed right away.

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